Award-winning solar roof modules unrivalled in design and durability is a GreenTech scale-up focused on the NetZero building industry. We believe in a future without fossil fuels. Our award-winning solar roofs combine the traditional Nordic metal roof design with cutting-edge solar technology. Fully integrated (BIPV) solar metal roof modules protect your home from the weather and, at the same time, produce clean, locally generated energy right from your home.

We are not only delivering the best looking and most durable SolarRoof on the market. We provide complete bespoke roofing solutions with best-in-class circularity, superior net CO2 footprint/sqm, great ”total-cost-of-ownership” and reduced total ”cost-of-build” thanks to a simple and quick 2-in-1 installation.

Our solar roof modules are:

  • Unrivalled in Design: Renewable energy shouldn’t come at the cost of aesthetics. Our fully integrated solar roof is optimized for the aesthetical design of the whole roof.
  • Built to Last: We use premium-quality materials to produce our 2-in-1 solar metal roofs. The result is an incredibly strong, durable, lightweight, and stylish solar roof. When installed, the modules are seamed together to form a unified structure that is 100% waterproof and extremely resistant to wind and snow load.

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